How it Works

how it works

Creating, Selling and Buying Digital Assets - Safely!

We focus on the security, protection, ownership of, and access to, original digital content. We enable NFC (Non-Fungible Content). We are not an NFT platform.

Non-Fungible Content (NFC) v Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

We can store any type and size of digital asset (e.g. art, music, ebooks, video) as NFC. NFC is always protected and therefore extraordinarily difficult to duplicate. Access and usage to NFC can be controlled and an NFC asset is held, by the owner, typically on their own devices. 

An NFT is a digital, blockchain-generated, token that proves proof of ownership of a digital asset and that cannot be duplicated. The digital asset associated with an NFT is almost stored elsewhere by a third party.


How do NFC's work?

We encrypt the original digital file (e.g. jpeg, MP3, MP4, eBook..)  and burn it to its own blockchain. We add revenue agreements etc. as smart contracts and we add ownership controls that limit access to the file in line with the original Creator’s terms.

The EvergreenNFC Platform.

Our platform delivers the underlying capabilities that enable us to store, secure, transact and deliver Digital assets as NFC. We offer a white-label version of the platform to Creators, Marketplaces etc. 

We define a digital “asset” as any digital collectible such as music, video, photo, artwork, eBook… etc.

The EvergreeNFT (soon to be EvergreenNFC) Marketplace

EvergreenNFC also provides a marketplace for creators and collectors that supports the buying and selling of digital works using familiar online buying procedures. We also allow Creators etc. to create their own branded versions of the marketplace. 

What makes the EvergreenNFC platform and marketplace unique?

We don’t use a crypto-currency based platform anywhere in our process. We avoid the resource intensive and eco-unfriendly process of “mining” and don’t have gas fees incurred by NFT marketplaces.

Throughout its life the rights of ownership associated with the work itself are retained and enforced, irrespective of who owns it. Creator ownership rights can therefore always be applied and enforced at time of each transaction 

Creators can let their imaginations run wild … create songs that only play when it rains, videos that only play after midnight . Because we can add access and usage controls to the work, we can make some really cool experiences happen.

EvergreenNFC provides the purchaser of the work (through NFT or not), exclusive access to the creation they have purchased. The owner of the work enjoys the rights of ownership that the owner of a physical object would typically have subject to the rights of ownership originally granted by the creator

Rights and rules of ownership “travel with” the creation through subsequent transactions – in fact, the creation is protected throughout its lifecycle. The commercial terms associated with use of the creation also “travel with” the creation which means that we can also ensure that creators receive their share of subsequent sales and uses of the creation.

This is how it works.


Sell your Digital Work

Maximize your revenue. EvergreenNFC offers you a direct channel to connect with ALL your fans. Our platform offers you and your fans experiences and value that cannot be delivered by NFT’s today.


Register as a Creator on EvergreenNFC –you only do this once


Upload the creation itself to an EvergreeNFC folder


Upload (to the same folder) associated marketing and related content to help sell the work


(Coming soon) Upload the templated Creator “Certificate of Authentication” that accompanies every work


Complete the template that defines the commercial rules and other usage / access rules associated with the creation


You’re done!!

Once the digital work is ready for sale, we take it from there..

Maximize your revenue.

EvergreenNFC offers you a direct channel to connect with ALL your fans. Our platform offers your fans an experience unlike any other NFT marketplace today


Collectors can browse work’s for sale or search for specific categories of works or search by a particular creator


Collectors simply selects and buys the work(s) using familiar e-commerce processes


Once the purchase is complete, the collector receives notification that they have successfully purchased the work(s)

Once the payment processing has cleared…

The Collector receives instructions on how to access and enjoy the digital work that they have purchased.

Only the owner of the work has access to the work (subject to the rights of ownership set by the original Creator

This is how it works.


Purchasing a Digital Collectible, Artwork etc?

Becoming a collector of digital works has never been easier (note a work could be a video, artwork, music, photo… anything digital). Buy a digital work in the same way you are used to shopping online and, unlike purchasing an NFT that’s not connected to EvergreenNFC today, you will actually enjoy exclusive access to the creation you have purchased. This is how a purchase works…


Buy the artwork you want on the EvergreenNFC marketplace ... it’s as simple as buying a pair of shoes from your favorite online store!


EvergreeNFC sends you Proof of Purchase Ownership for the purchased digital work and a link to access the actual work that you acquired.


Simply click on the provided link and open up your personal EvergreenNFC library that contains all the works you have acquired.


Set up an account and sign in (first 
time only)


Enjoy all the works that you have purchased.

As a collector, you can...

Collectors can also resell their NFTs (and associated creation) on the EvergreenNFC marketplace.

Sign-up as a seller through the EvergreenNFC website. Initiate the sale through the link on your EvergreenNFC library viewer. Enter your commercial terms. EvergreenNFC handles everything from there and posts your work for sale on the marketplace.

EvergreenNFC sends proof of ownership to the new owner as well as instructions to access their purchase. You will no longer see the work in your library or be able to access it EvergreenNFC will deposit your share of the proceeds when they have been distributed through the marketplace.