Do what you Love!
Maximize your income.

Create, sell and earn revenue from your original works ... instead of from tokens

EvergreenNFC offers you a direct channel to connect with ALL your fans …. And EvergreenNFC enables you to control and benefit from your creations (works).

We encrypt each of your creations, attach each of them to a blockchain … and store them securely.

Ok, we can do that and more! Use your imagination … decide how your creation should be accessed and viewed.

You decide how many copies to sell from a single creation… one of one, one of a few, one of many.

Proof of ownership is recorded on a blockchain .. but without crypto processing and mining.
Only 20% of the US population has a crypto-wallet – reach the other 80%.
You decide whether your creations can be shared … or not … and we make it happen.
We can track every time your creation is viewed, played, resold … and make sure you receive what you should.

Regain Control

EvergreenNFC .. we are first and foremost interested in protecting what you create.

Reach ALL your fans … DIRECTLY

Because we are not tied to crypto-currency, buying and selling works’s is easy … and familiar.

Give your Fans more

EvergreenNFC is the ONLY platform that gives your fans exclusive ownership of the actual creation that they’ve purchased

Make money off what you love… That’s what we care about!