A simple way to buy Digital Assets and Collectibles. Own the asset, not just a token!

Own, enjoy and protect what you buy - just like you enjoy the art hanging on your wall.

… or your debit card or PayPal … no crypto required. It’s just like buying a pair of shoes on your favorite online store.

Blockchain authenticated…

We actually give you the exclusive access to the creation you purchased .. unlike any NFT!!

Sell your asset on our marketplace … and other marketplaces soon!

Don’t share your creation illegally … only you can access it anyway.

You own your asset, not just a token. Today, if you lose your token, you’ve lost your investment. You can’t “lose” your EvergreeNFT asset. 

Enjoy what you buy

EvergreenNFC .. we believe you should have more than a token .. and that you should truly own what you have bought.

Secure your investment

If you buy one of one, or one of ten of your favorite creation, then that’s what you own … we store it for you and prevent unauthorized access and sharing.

Support your Favorite Creators

We do our best to help your favorite artists, musicians, photographers, authors etc.. by making sure that the bad guys don’t steal what they create .. and you own.

Are you ready to explore available art and collectibles?