About Us


Our ultimate mission is to help Creators make a living. We believe in the value of the Creation, not the token.

The EvergreeNFT Mission

Our lives are enriched by the inspiration, creativity, strength and sheer hard work of Creators. Many are taking full advantage of Digital, Social and other advancements yet, for many more Creators, the playing field has changed dramatically, and not in a good way. 

Owning a digital asset today is not the same as owning a physical one. Digital asset consumption has shifted from ownership to rent. Creators are being squeezed by powerful platforms that control consumer access. 

Online piracy and the erosion of rights enforcement cost Creators billions of dollars in lost revenues. We aim to restore the value of the Creation and to provide Creators with a platform that gives them greater control over how their Creations are acquired and enjoyed. 

NFT’s, in their current format, offer a new way to buy and sell digital works and to establish proof of ownership. We believe that the NFT is an incomplete solution. We believe that by providing “physical” ownership off digital assets, we can truly reset the market for both Creators and Collectors. 

We believe we can do more to help Creators.


We believe that buying and selling of digital works should be simple and easy for all Creators and Collectors. We believe the market should not consume vast quantities of power and damage the environment. We believe  digital works should be tradable using familiar purchasing mechanisms and we believe trading with crypto-currencies should be optional. 

Ownership Rights

We believe that collectors should have ownership rights to the creations associated with the digital works that they buy, much like they do with a physical possession. We believe that ownership rights should be respected and enforced. We believe Piracy should be vigorously combatted.

Creator rights

Above all, we believe in the rights of Creators of all kinds. Creators should be able to decide how their creations should be used and enjoyed. We believe in empowering Creators .. and we believe that Creators should earn and receive the rewards that they deserve.